About Bruseco

Since 2001 BRUSECO has offered a practical oriented basic training for VIP chauffeurs and executive chauffeurs. If you have ambitions to become a VIP chauffeur or if you are already a private driver and wish to operate at a higher level then BRUSECO is the place to be. In addition to the official certified training, BRUSECO can also offer vacancies that are available via an extensive network of contacts.

BRUSECO training is given in The Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium.

Together with specialists with practical experience, BRUSECO is constantly engaged in the development of training material and practical activity, appropriate to the level of the desired service and safety requirements. For this, valuable contacts at ministerial level are used. BRUSECO trainings are given on both public roads and private circuits. Training on public roads is given in France, Belgium, Germany or The Netherlands, depending on your home address.

Personal training

BRUSECO always trains with two candidates to one instructor, so that you are sure of optimal attention and coaching. BRUSECO, and her specialist partners, also train VIP chauffeurs that rise to a more responsible function, at the top of the management tree or in ministries, in security, so that they can react correctly to specific situations and events.

The training program from BRUSECO does not teach you tricks, but ensures a permanent improvement in your attitude and skills. Before the training begins, we would like to know you better, so that we can improve on your strong points and strengthen your weaknesses. As a first step you use the BRUSECO Monitor. This unique assessment gives your trainer a strong basis on which to train you effectively and efficiently.