Independent examination training courses for Executive Chauffeurs

In each country the examination consist of a theoretical exam and practical exam. These examinations are carried out by independent institutions as DEKRA Certification. Beside the international certification of DEKRA, BRUSECO has been also officially certificated by the CCV (part of the CBR: Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen in The Netherlands), controlled by the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management.

In France BRUSECO has also been certified by “la prefecture de Police de Paris, par Arrete Prefectoral: no DTTP 2014-1067.

All the circuit trainings and public transport trainings are executed according to the international DEKRA Certification standards.

Certificate or pass

If you have successfully completed the exams of one of the BRUSECO training courses, you receive an official certificate or chauffeur pass. The pass or the certificate are personalized and denotes that you have completed the BRUSECO training successfully. The certificate / pass, score and training report are sent to your home address when you have passed the exams. The international DEKRA certificate is valid for three years. Renewal is only possible when you have completed at least three re-training days in every three years. Bruseco offers a variety of complementary trainings for executive chauffeurs.

Token of trust

After completing the Training course for Executive Chauffeurs you also receive the Bruseco lapel pin. When you apply for a position your future employer can check on the value of this pin. One telephone call to Bruseco and your (new) employer will know that you have actually passed the examination. Your employer can also obtain information about the validity of your certificate / pass via the DEKRA Certification website. A nice idea, as much for you as for your future employer.

Gaining work experience

After gaining your Executive Chauffeur certificate you can choose to gain work experience at one of the chauffeur drive services that cooperate with Bruseco. Bruseco is part of the Brussaard Company Group, that has extensive contacts within the top of various companies and governmental organisations in Germany, France, Belgium and The Netherlands. Jobs are reported to BRUSECO, that will try to find the chauffeur that complements the team the best.