Professional Course VIP Chauffeur 1

Do you want to be an Executive Chauffeur or VIP Chauffeur? Then, a thorough and practically oriented training is an outstanding starting point. With the BRUSECO Professional Training Course you are trained both on public roads and on closed practice circuits. In addition to the improvement of your driving skills, much attention is paid to such aspects as control of the vehicle, topographic knowledge and the regulations concerning traffic and road signs.

In addition to the compulsory components for the official exams, BRUSECO pays a lot of attention to your business style, and offers you the chance to directly put into practice your newly acquired knowledge and skills.


The Basic Training for VIP Chauffeur (D1) takes five days, including the practical examination. The theoretical section is learnt by self-study using the online learning system Excellent.Me.

Entry requirements

Entry to this training is established on the basis of the BRUSECO Monitor (initial assessment).