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About Bruseco

Since 2001 BRUSECO has offered a practical oriented basic training for VIP chauffeurs and executive chauffeurs. If you have ambitions to become a VIP chauffeur or if you are already a private driver and wish to operate at a higher level then BRUSECO is the place to be. In addition to the official certified training, BRUSECO can also offer vacancies that are available via an extensive network of contacts.


BRUSECO training is given in The NetherlandsGermanyFrance and Belgium.


Together with specialists with practical experience, BRUSECO is constantly engaged in the development of training material and practical activity, appropriate to the level of the desired service and safety requirements. For this, valuable contacts at ministerial level are used. BRUSECO trainings are given on both public roads and private circuits. Training on public roads is given in France, Belgium, Germany or The Netherlands, depending on your home address.

Personal training

BRUSECO always trains with two candidates to one instructor, so that you are sure of optimal attention and coaching. BRUSECO, and her specialist partners, also train VIP chauffeurs that rise to a more responsible function, at the top of the management tree or in ministries, in security, so that they can react correctly to specific situations and events.

The training program from BRUSECO does not teach you tricks, but ensures a permanent improvement in your attitude and skills. Before the training begins, we would like to know you better, so that we can improve on your strong points and strengthen your weaknesses. As a first step you use the BRUSECO Monitor.



The BRUSECO Monitor is a unique assessment that clearly shows your natural qualities. Anyone with a driving licence for a car can, in principle, follow the Basic Training, but the accents required in the coaching are analysed on a personal level. The BRUSECO Monitor has been specially developed for this. In addition to an extensive analysis of your style of driving, you are also given an independent assessment of your chance of success to find a job. The result of this initial assessment determines whether you have the right qualities to follow the International Executive Chauffeur training course (IEC). This ensures that you do not drop out half way through the course and lose your training fees.
The BRUSECO Monitor is the starting point for a thorough, personally oriented training. You receive more insight into your own actions, strong points and blocks. This makes it easier to obtain your D1 and possibly even D2 certificate.


Professional Course VIP Chauffeur

With this BRUSECO professional training course you are trained both on public roads and on closed practice circuits. In addition to the improvement of your driving skills, much attention is paid to such aspects as control of the vehicle, topographic knowledge and the regulations concerning traffic and road signs.
In addition to the compulsory components for the official exams, BRUSECO pays a lot of attention to your business style, and offers you the chance to directly put into practice your newly acquired knowledge and skills.

The Basic Training for VIP Chauffeur (D1) takes 4 days of reaining practice on public roads in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The examinations take place on a separate date at the DEKRA Office in Arnhem. The theoretical section is learnt by self-study using the online learning system Excellent.Me. If you are not able to speak Dutch, French or German, training will start in Maarssen (The Netherlands) or Brussels (Belgium).


Independent examination training courses for Executive Chauffeurs

In each country the examination consist of a theoretical exam and practical exam. These examinations are carried out by independent institutions as DEKRA Certification. Beside the international certification of DEKRA, BRUSECO has been also officially certificated by the CCV(part of the CBR: Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen in The Netherlands), controlled by the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management.
In France BRUSECO has also been certified by “la prefecture de Police de Paris, par Arrete Prefectoral: no DTTP 2014-1067.
All the circuit trainings and public transport trainings are executed according to the international DEKRA Certification standards.



If you have successfully completed the exams of one of the BRUSECO training courses, you receive an official DEKRA certificate or chauffeur pass. The pass or the certificate are personalized and denotes that you have completed the BRUSECO training successfully. The certificate / pass, score and training report are sent to your home address when you have passed the exams. The international DEKRA certificate is valid for three years. Renewal is only possible when you have completed at least three re-training days in every three years. Bruseco offers a variety of complementary trainings for executive chauffeurs.


Token of trust

After completing the training course for Executive Chauffeurs you also receive the BRUSECO IEC lapel pin. When you apply for a position your future employer can check on the value of this pin. One telephone call to BRUSECO and your (new) employer will know that you have actually passed the examination. Your employer can also obtain information about the validity of your certificate / pass via the DEKRA Certification website. A nice idea, as much for you as for your future employer.


Please contact us at: +31-88-2787300. (head office in The Netherlands)


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